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Training Workshops and Seminars

Sand Tray Therapy Experiential Workshops
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 These intimate experiential journeys (10 - 12 participants) take place at a location of your choosing with ample symbolic objects and a sand tray for every participant.  We explore the coming together of the tray, sand, water, objects, and the empathic witness with the emerging Self.  You just may learn something new about yourself, rediscover something old, or have a new experience of something already processed.  Every participant is able to have his/her own unique transforming experience.  This is an excellent way for you to get personal experience working in the sand tray which is essential before and while using this powerful therapeutic technique with clients. This is an all day (6 hour) workshop.  The series of workshops are as follows:

ST1 - Opening Up to the Possibilities –

An Experiential Introduction to Sand Tray

Opening Up to the Possibilities (email for a brochure), an intimate and small-group experiential is a primer and essential foundation to begin learning about this powerful, effective, and extraordinary therapeutic medium to access all layers of consciousness and heal the earliest, most traumatic, and long forgotten wounds of the psyche.  In sand tray therapy, the containment of the tray provides the client a safe and protected space therefore allowing the client to create from the core/Self.  The therapeutic properties of Mother Earth (sand), the empathic witness (therapist), and symbols (objects) provide a rich and fertile environment for the client and client's psyche to meet, heal, and grow.  In this workshop we will the coming together of the tray, sand, objects, and empathic witness with the emerging Self.   

ST2 - The Next Step on the Path

The Next Step on the Path (click link for brochure), another

The Next Step on the Path (email for a brochure), another intimate group experiential, is taking what was learned in Opening Up to the Possibilities to the next step. This workshop is about going deeper to explore the sand and the impact that water on the sand, symbols, and one's own Self/Psyche.  In the sand, each participant will create and explore the elements of wet vs. dry sand while getting more experience being the empathic witness, how to take the client deeper, and more practice documenting the process.  The therapeutic properties of Mother Earth (sand), the empathic witness (therapist), and symbols (objects) come together yet again to help each participant a rich and fertile atmosphere to experience yet another level or aspect of one's own psyche that allows for more healing and growth. We again explore the coming together of the tray, sand, objects, and empathic witness while incorporating another element of Mother Earth - WATER! Prerequisite: ST1 - Opening Up to the Possibilities 

ST3 - Get Active, Expand, and Intensify

Get Active, Expand, and Intensify (click link for brochure),

AA Get Active, Expand, and Intensify (email for a brochure), the third intimate group experiential, first prepares and lets the participants create and work both in active and dynamic sand trays as opposed to the static and stable sand trays typically created in the first two workshops.  In the sand, each participant will create and explore what it's like to play vigorously.  Active and lively sand trays are generally created by children and sometimes families as opposed to the static and fixed sand trays of older children, teens, and adults.  Secondly, this workshop, participants deal with helping the client move beyond what shows up in the sand tray.  Helping the client explore any particular aspect of the sand tray and unconscious material brings a richer experience for the client and therapist - taking the work to another and yet deeper level.  Participants are shown to take what is originally created and take the client's process even deeper - expanding and intensifying the process.  As in previous workshops, participants create freely, practice attending to the builder's process, and practice documenting the process.  Prerequisites: ST1 - Opening Up to the Possibilities and ST2 - The Next Step on the Path.

Other Seminars and Workshops  

Setting Appropriate Limits in Play Therapy

Setting limits can be a difficult task even for seasoned play therapists. Limits provide for many things, including physical and emotional security for the child and therapist alike. This workshop delves into exploring limit setting in play therapy - what limits are appropriate, when to institute them, and what to do when the client continually tests the limits.

The Therapeutic Frame

This seminar looks at the parameters of the therapeutic frame - essential to any form of therapeutic endeavor.  We will explore the essential boundaries, the space used, and the critical therapeutic relationship.  For new and well-seasoned therapists alike. 

The Importance of Closure: Shedding Light on the Termination Process

Termination happens!  No matter the therapeutic modality, if there’s a beginning there will be an ending.  It’s unavoidable yet generally not well planned for.  Hopefully it happens after the client has achieved treatment goals yet sometimes unexpectedly and prematurely.  This workshop focuses on preparing for and bringing closure to the work, helping clinicians to be conscious and mindful so when it happens, both the clinician and client can be ready, willing, and able to say goodbye. I have presented this topic over the years for various organizations including the Association for Play Therapy, the National Association of Social Workers, and for the British Columbia Play Therapy Association.   

Continuing Education Units (CEUs) - NO LONGER AVAILABLE

With the changes to being a CEU provider I am no longer a provide for CEUs workshops.  I can still provide trainings for licensed with your CEU provider number and/or trainees and  associates/interns that do not require continuing education. 

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